Tommy Adebayo

Migrant Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Author, Magazine Publisher, Safety Coach.

Australia’s Leading Migrant Champion

Immigration is changing the face of Australia. These are complex issues in even more complex times. As one of Australia’s leading authorities on migrant integration and career outcomes, Tommy Adebayo is helping make sense of it all. Tommy has become a powerful voice for the successful integration of migrants in Australia.

Motivator and Advocate

Tommy guides organisations in how to incorporate diversity practices, bridging cultural gaps in the workplace and beyond. He motivates and empowers migrants to succeed in Australia. As a passionate migrant advocate, he helps to shape policy and social issues. Want a better workplace? A better life? A better Australia? Get inspired with Tommy’s keynotes, workshops and publications.

About Tommy Adebayo

Tommy Adebayo is living his Australian dream, literally. Dubbed a transformational leader and a migrant advocate, Tommy is the founding publisher of Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine and National Chairman of African Professionals of Australia Ltd, the only migrant professionals organisation with members over 20,000 and chapters across Australia., a recruitment boutique specifically for migrants.

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Migrant Success 101 – A Comprehensive Career Guide for New Arrivals to Australia is a powerful tool and resource to help you overcome some of the barriers you will face in the workplace and in settling into society.

a must-read for all migrants”

“a useful roadmap to dispel migrants’ uncertainties”


Hear Tommy Adebayo speak and discover the tools to leverage diversity in your life or organisation. More than that, be moved and inspired as he speaks from the heart about the challenges migrants and people of diverse backgrounds face in life and business.


Tommy is available for keynote speeches and half-day/full-day workshop programs. His programs are powerful, emotional and highly motivating. Packed full of information and tips, Tommy’s easy and humorous presentations engage and entertain. You will leave with the energy and motivation to take things to the next level.

Community Services


Tommy was honoured as the Multicultural Community Service Awards winner by the Western Australian government. As the founder of African Professionals of Australia Ltd (APA).

Multicultural Community Service Awards


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